Our journey continues. (update since launch)

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Dear MoonShooters👨‍🚀,

As we continue our epic journey, we would like to keep you informed about our statistics, the expansion of our team, coverage of our project and a little sneak peek/read into our upcoming MoonBox concept.

Our numbers keep growing📈:

  • 13.000+ Twitter followers
  • 11.950+ token holders
  • 6.950+ Telegram members
  • 13.500+ transactions

We also expanded the team, with:

  • 9 amazing moderators/admins in our Telegram group
  • 1 front-end developer
  • 1 senior developer
  • 1 allround developer (already announced in AMA)
  • 1 advisor (already announced in AMA)
  • 1 designer

Exposure is very important for our project and we are happy with our listing on Blockfolio, Delta and CoinMarketCap✅.

Besides these listings, we had some great coverage on social media in which the MoonSquad played an important part🦾.

Since last week, we have also had a lot of exposure on YouTube. Here are some of the videos about MoonShot🔍:

MoonBoxes 🌕📦

Moonboxes will be issued on our future platform and can be opened with the MOONSHOT token.

MOONSHOT paid for opening these boxes will be divided between:

  • Development/marketing wallet
  • Prize Pool

Inside these moonboxes you will find NFTs, similar to the one that is shown below:

An animated series will tell the story behind the NFTs.

Some MoonShot NFTs facts🧐:

- The first drop of the series will consist of 1000 pieces.

- Every NFT is unique, meaning only one of these will ever be in existence.

  • The NFTs will consist out of different properties, for example: animated or static, accessories, body color, visor color, glove color, badge, etc.

- There will be a rarity structure among these NFTs, but in the end the value will be determined by the buyer.

- 5% of these NFTs will be Top Tier NFTs, these can be used to redeem prizes out of the prize pool.

All the above is subject to chance. Further details will be discussed in our weekly updates.

Come join our new discord to talk about MoonBoxes and get involved🤗:


Deflationary, frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol! #MSHOT imminent.