Mission elapsed time hit this week: 100:00:00:00

Dear MoonShooters👨‍🚀,

Moonshot is 100 days old, what an epic journey to date! The team is hard at work on the next 100 days of the mission but we want to celebrate with you today and thank you for making Moonshot awesome!

We want to share a few statistics, milestones and achievements over the past 100 days with you:

51 000+ Twitter followers

2 000 Reddit followers

8 000 Discord members

87 000+ Token holders

30 000+ Instagram followers

28 000+ Telegram members

225 900+ Transactions

The first 7 days of the moon…

The past seven days there was a lot of volatility in the market. About a trillion USD in market value was wiped out. We are currently at 83,203 holders and have recently just passed the 200,000 TX mark. Now that the dust has settled a lit bit, we are proud to share what we have focused on:

The past week, the focus was on internal restructuring and reorganization

Here are the highlights of the past 7 days:

  • We are at 80,937 Holders and there was a giveaway and a manual burn at 75,000
  • We allocated a budget for our moderators to do community marketing
  • Held another AMA
  • HotBit Listing imminent. Listing date follows on May 19th 2021
  • Slobodan made excellent progress on one of our games, “Masteroids”

The last week was a real roller coaster:

Moonshot displayed on NASDAQ
  • Organized a Giveaway to celebrate the Billboard achievement
  • Reached 70,000 holders, currently we are very close to our planned manual burn event to celebrate the 75,000 holders milestone.
  • We reached 30,000 Twitter followers
  • We organized a feedback/suggestion event with our community to collect input…

  • CoinGecko giveaway on Twitter is live.
  • Together with our community we have started a Kanban board for community development.
  • The community launched their own Twitter account RS25Moonsquad
  • Onboarded a new blockchain developer. Her name is Jen and she will focus on Moonboxes.
  • Restructured our telegram channels and added more moderators together with our community.
  • Our Billboard in Phoenix, Arizona is up (photo taken by Juan M).

To continue where we ended our last week’s recap:

  • Air drop contract is nearing completion; we just have to limit the number of transaction per block.
  • NFT attributes and drop rate calculations are completed. We have 1,000 unique NFTs being conceptualized by our artist.
  • We introduced a concept design of our Moonboxes platform and we released a preview of The Moonshooter.

This week was full of action, turbulence and new discoveries:

  • 12,469 Telegram members, 58,259 Moonshot Holders, 25,600 Twitter followers, and 127,435 transactions.
  • We finalized our listing on the BitMart Exchange.

To continue where we ended our last week’s recap:

- Merchandise
- Exchange listings
- Design MoonBoxes platform

  • To celebrate our first CEX listing, we did a surprise burn of 811B MOONSHOT
  • We held an AMA in the P2PB2B telegram chat. You can read the recap here
  • We agreed on a listing date with BitMart (now postponed to the 26th of April)

On Monday, April 19th, we had an AMA session hosted by P2PB2B exchange in their telegram channel. Below are the questions that were answered by @MoonshotRS25 and @c0ntrolzer0.

Most projects with an anonymous team do rug pulls/exit scams. Why have you decided to remain anonymous? Don’t you think that it will have a bad effect on your project? How can we sure that there is no chance of scam?

c0ntrol zer0:
We value our privacy. We don’t think that at this time, this will have a bad effect on our project.

We have regular burns and the LP tokens…

The last week was important for the future roadmap of MoonShot. We decided to bring forward the Lootbox Offering (LBO) to Q2 after feedback from the community.

Here is an in-depth overview of the LBO we discussed in our team and with our advisor:

Loot Box Offering (LBO): Pay in MOONSHOT and open boxes.

Box categories:

⦁ Wood boxes: total 500 boxes, price x, percentage x

⦁ Silver boxes: total 300 boxes, price x, percentage x

⦁ Golden boxes: total 150 boxes, price x, percentage x

⦁ Diamond boxes: total 10 boxes, price x, percentage x

x = to be…

Mission elapsed time: 15:05:14:13

Dear MoonShooters👨‍🚀,

As we continue our epic journey, we would like to keep you informed about our statistics, the expansion of our team, coverage of our project and a little sneak peek/read into our upcoming MoonBox concept.

Our numbers keep growing📈:

  • 13.000+ Twitter followers
  • 11.950+ token holders
  • 6.950+ Telegram members
  • 13.500+ transactions

We also expanded the team, with:

  • 9 amazing moderators/admins in our Telegram group
  • 1 front-end developer
  • 1 senior developer
  • 1 allround developer (already announced in AMA)
  • 1 advisor (already announced in AMA)
  • 1 designer

Exposure is very important for our project and we are…


Deflationary, frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol! #MSHOT imminent.

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